Rozi Mastrosavva

Rozi Mastrosavva

Η Rozi Mastrosavva was born in Rhodes. She studied piano, solo singing, and advanced theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. She attended choral conducting lessons with A. Kontogeorgiou and M. Logiadi. She continued her studies at the Munich University of Music, from which she graduated with honors and a specialization (master's) in choral conducting. She attended seminars with the chief musicians E. Ericsson, H. Rilling, Er. Ortner, Fr. Bernius, Antre van der Merwe, and Maria Guinand.

She has directed choirs in Germany and Greece such as: Melismachor, Vocal Kreis Cantabile, Singtonics, Amasingers, University of the Aegean Student Choir, vocal ensemble Con Anima, ERT Mixed Choir (concerts and recordings), Argos Municipal Conservatory Children's Choir and Ano Liosia Municipal Conservatory, G. Malliaras Educational Institutions Youth Choir, 3rd Program of ERA Children's Choir, Athens Municipality Musical Ensembles Children's Choir, with which she won a gold medal at the 5th Choral Olympics in Graz, Austria in 2008. She taught at choral practice seminars and in the elementary education pedagogical department of the University of the Aegean (Rhodes).

Since 2008, she founded and has been directing the Children's Choir "Rosarte", with which she has carved out a significant path in the artistic realm. Rosarte is the only Greek choir that has won four gold medals at Choir Olympics (Graz/Austria 2008, Riga/Latvia 2014, Tshwane S. Africa 2018) and regularly collaborates, among other things, in concerts with all the symphonic orchestras and professional choirs of our country.

In October 2016, she founded and has been directing the mixed choir Lafamilia.

She served as a member of the international jury at the Interkultur international choir competition in Kalamata. (2017).

In December 2016, the most prestigious distinction was the award from the Academy of Athens during the Grand Ceremonial Event to the children's choir Rosarte and to Maestro Rozi Mastrosavva for her contribution to the arts and culture.

In October 2019, she taught at the 1st Pan-Cyprian Choral Workshop organized by the cultural movement of Limassol.